Friday, April 25, 2008

just a passing thought...

just a passing thought....we must bite only as much as we can chew, and this holds true for relationships as well. Have never really made conscious efforts at making friends, and this makes me more conscious about keeping friendships alive. I make friends to hold them close for the rest of my life. May be I am so many generations removed, and so can barely understand how relationships change with the passage of time. Orkut has taught me a still learning how to cope with changing emotions, its really amazing how close we get to people whom we have never met...and how hurt we can be be when they fade away from our lives...amazing paradox the nearness and th distance, so virtual and yet so real!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Everything Happens for the Best!!!!!

Everything happens for the best and we love to believe that...just yesterday a good ,God-fearing, devout friend of mine was telling me how I should hold on and all will be well. I nodded without retrospect, do we rally have a choice? Life has shown me a lot, and though my mind is turbulent just now, I know how to make peace with this inner turmoil, I know that we mortals have no other alternative but to hold on and hope...long ago, I lost a job because of a transfer that I couldnot take, it was a vindictive method my employer administered to get me out and ease another candidate bro was livid, he reminde me of what he read in a book titled 'When Bad Things Happen to Good People'( my bro after all found me to be a very good soul.. hee hee,.. miss u Gopal), and how each one gets paid according to their deeds. My ex employers are prosperous and I am still a struggling in another private institute, and yet I console myself that whatever happened, happened for the best. I recall the tears and the anguish of later episodes more personal than professional, I am waiting for justice and still consoling myself with the age old adage...have very little else to console myself with...ha ha!