Saturday, November 29, 2008

creative juices have taken a sabbatical

What else do I say, why this long silence? Too much has been happening and not happening with my life, at this age to be at cross roads is not very comfortable at all, every day seems to add on to complexities and unraveling them and moving ahead in life is a daunting task.
People's insensitivity hurts me the most. I have grown up with the lesson ingrained in me that treat others as you would like to be treated. have to the best of my knowledge incorporated this dictum in my dealings with one and all. It amazes me to see people so caught up with themselves that they have no time to realize the hurt they cause to the other by their selfishness. Generation gap seems to be the major problem with me, having a large number of young friends really doesn't help. I just have to be my mature self I guess to tide over this predicament.
With a mind thus disturbed, its not at all easy to be creative, so I thought to myself, let me pen down the reasons for my vexations, maybe that will help me to flush out the irritation, and start afresh. Writing is a passion with me, wouldnt like some stupid emotion to hamper it.