Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kolkata- Really the City of Joy!

Kolkata will never fail to delight. My last trip to Kolkata between the 22nd of Jan and 28th of Jan 2010 was delightful in more than one ways. Here was an "almost holiday" as I would like to term it, since my work lasted just one day and the rest of the days were simply a part of a paid holiday. It was a time for major reunions. I was meeting students whom I had taught 17 years ago and what was absolutely delightful was the fact that they remembered details of my class with them till date! I was meeting up with long lost aunts, all my ma's friends and relatives, may be trying to find a bit of her in everyone she once was associated with.
The major delight of the city was in its langurous winter, the chill was much more than anticipated, it chilled my bones too, but thoroughly enjoyed the 'Khuri te Cha' at a road side stall selling gorom kochuri too, all at a price that was unbelievable! The variety of food available on the road side takes one by surprise. The simple jhal muri, the phuchka, the alu chops that are available at every roadside are delectable in taste. The huge variety of rolls, kobiraji cutlets, moglai porota remind one of the lasting impact left behind by the muslim rule theat dominated Kolkata for years. A lunch at the Tolly club and dinner at the Bengal club brought back memories of the British rule in both the behaviour of the waiters and the menu that they serve in these places.
There were fairs all over, handicrafts fair, book fair, and name it fair. One wonders at all times at the sheer creativity of the bongs, be it in the wares they sell. the music they make, the poetry they write or the clothes they wear. Had an overdose of the Bong ethnecity at all the fairs I visited. The terra cota most facinated me besides ther oh so gorgeous tassar silks with the most innovative motifs in eye catching colors! A shoppers paradise-thats what I call kolkata.
Time flew, it was time to be back home with a heartful of memories to cherish in solitude.

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Hep Joan said...

Reminds me of the two days I stayed in Kolkata. Went round and round and ate a lot. :) Kolkata is a weird mixture of a place (in a good way). I can see why people from Kolkata can't seem to get enough of it.