Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Amazing video that got me thinking

A moving video clip from National geograpic got me really thinking...It was the usual chase and kill of the survival of the fittest. It always makes me unhappy to watch the unequal power fight where the vanquished has to give up only because God has not made us all equal. This one was a little different, the protagonaist was a female leopard out on a very successful hunt, where she had managed to catch a female baboon. Only half way through the gory act of hunting does she realize that the baboon was fully pregnant, and the pain of her death at the hand of the loepard naturally made her to deliver the little one. The loepard too realized a little late that she had killed a vulnerable mom, beating the thores of the delivery pain and thus limply submitting to the onslaught. The change in the leopards behaviour was what got me mesmerized. Here was no play-acting. The leopard too soon forgot her kill as her eye caught sight of the just born baboon. Here she became a mother to the hilt. Gone was her ferocity, They say an animal kills only when hungry. She forgot her hunger and her prime focus was to look after the motherless baby. the care and love she showered on it was to be seen to be believed. The little monkey, true to its breed, tried all the monkey tricks to break free from the leopard. The latter remained persistent in her effort to comfort the little one until both tired from their individual endevours drifted into sleep, not before putting a comforting paw over the little one.
Such is the role of a mother,very protective, very often we tell about people who misbehave that they possess animal like qualities. Human beigns could take a note from their animal counterparts on various instances like the one mentioned often we read od a half eaten new born in a dustbin, or another new born found in a gutter or abandoned on a foot path?


little by little , bit by bit said...

thanks for the insight. i never would have imagined it to be true otherwise.

thanks for sharing it. very touching.

Kalpita R Sharma said...

Hi Ma'am..I have read your blog for the first time and its such a wonderful feeling alltogether..Its amazing and really so heartening to read about this footage on the Channel.Yaah..often we do lack the power to even realise our own emotions in the rush of life. Reading this description and your thoughts makes one think..