Thursday, December 3, 2009

Relationship Management

There was this very interesting speaker on Customer Relationship Management who caught my attention. He started of with disowning the word Relationship and Management coming together at all. His explanation was very simple, if relationships had to be managed, it would mean 'business'and therfore it could not be called a relationship at all! Loved that funda for its simplicity, true enough, a relationship of any sort cannot be business. I say this maybe because I am not a busimness woman! His theory included Customer Happiness an offshoot of Heroic Marketing,a concept that I loved. He says that man takes his decisions guided by his mind and his intellect. He used simple examples to show the mind to be like the child that could be as whimsical as ever, and the intellect like the parent that would reprimand the mind when it sulks, tell the mind what is wrong and right. Impulse buys he says are made when the mind over powers the intellect or when the mind and the intellect are in tandem. He says that cult products are the order of the day. For example when Nike says "just do it!" its not cajoling the customer by asking "can u do it?", nor is it making a suggestion of"maybe you should do it". It simply commands the respect it thinks it deserves. A customer is bound to be happy with a product that carries you away in its tide.
I am not a marketing person, I was driven by the sheer power of the Gentleman's presentation. The point I am trying to make is that a speaker has the power to pull his audience like a magnet. I got drawn into the topic without realizing how and have not been able to get out of the truth of all that he said

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Kalpita R Sharma said...

That was a nice write-up Ma'am..and i feel more connected may be coz i had myself felt the somewhat the same when i had heard him speak..the concept of YOU being the BRAND!! Thats something we all need to learn..